PSU 2020 Travel Question

Oct 24, 2007
Hey guys -- Penn State fan here. I'm certainly early on this, but trying to get on it early..

Planning to come down in September next year for the game and spend the weekend. Planning to bring an RV down with some kids/family. What do I need to know? 2 night overnight parking available in tailgating areas?

Any information that you think might be good to know?

Thanks in advance!
Jul 15, 2011
I am probably not the best person to respond to this since I have never used an RV for a game. Most games I have attended I stayed with family or parked at their house and walked to the game.

Having said that two web sites for rv parking are

It looks like non donor RV parking for a Saturday game is available first come first server for arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday. The 2nd website has a number for vpi parking and I would give them a call if you have questions.
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Feb 22, 2003
I recall back in the day when LSU came to Blacksburg, the LSU fans got to Blacksburg early in week and grabbed up lot of parking with their RVs.

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